I Can See You.


*How you see you: 

You see failure.
You see right through yourself.
You feel angry when you see what you have become.
Shame consumes you, blinding you from seeing hope for any kind of change.
You see how far you have fallen.
You see all of the destruction you have created.
You can’t see your future anymore.
You don’t want anyone to see the real you.

You wonder if anyone else can see you at all. 


*How I see you: 

I see your empty eyes that were once full of life.
I see your dreams.
I see your tears.
I can see the hurt in your face.
I see the regret.
I also see your potential and all of your talent.
I remember seeing your smile.
I recall the light in your being when you talked about your goals.
I can still see all of the life that you have left.

I can still see you. 


*How God sees you: 

Someone who can be forgiven
Who is worthy of His kind of Love
Somebody who is enough
Who is worth saving
Who is precious
Who is capable, through His strength, to start over fresh, as a new person
A person who shines
Someone with a calling and purpose

You are much more than what meets the eye….
(so much more than we can even begin to comprehend)

HE sees you.

I hope that one day YOU allow yourself, to see you….

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