Happy Mother’s Day

Ribbet collageMother’s Day.

It seems like no matter who you talk to, everyone is either happily & thankfully celebrating,
silently grieving, or a little bit of both.

For me, it may be a little bit of both, but mostly I focus on thankfully celebrating the gift of motherhood.

Of course on one hand,
I grieve for my mother.
She has missed so much of mine and my brother’s life.
She grieves one of her children every Mother’s Day.
She has missed out on the lives of her grandchildren.
I certainly empathize and quietly grieve for her, but not so much for myself, or my loss of her.

On the other hand I know that Mother’s Day isn’t really about me.
For me, it is about our three boys.
It is about reflecting on the gifts I have been given.
God has supplied any need that I ever thought that I had, and has filled all of my voids.
He has placed some pretty brilliant women in my path that have graciously helped me in all of the areas that I fall short in.
For that, I am very thankful.

Many of you are seriously struggling with infertility or are trying to conceive.
Some of you grieve children on Mother’s Day.
I have a few friends who are celebrating adoptions.
So many of you are deeply missing your own mother’s who have passed away.
Many of you are spending the day feeling appreciated and pampered by your loved ones.

This is one holiday that is often met with mixed and heightened emotions.

*Try to remind yourself that it is really a day to show the people who have impacted your life exactly how much you care.

*It is a day to honor the memory of the mom’s and the children who aren’t able to be here with us physically.

*Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate having the opportunity to influence the next generation, in some way, for good.

*It is a day to show your appreciation to those who have taken the time to invest in your life.

*A holiday that we can use to give thanks to God, for allowing us to have the responsibility of influencing and molding little lives.

The best way that we can do that by continuing to invest in people,
by sharing that unique legacy that they left behind with others.

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Psalm 145:4 –
Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.

Psalm 102:18-
Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the LORD.


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