1. To find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.

On my personal quest to find my very own happy, sober place I never expected to find beauty deep down in the cracks of my story. As I dug through my past I discovered something.

Deep inside my baggage, there it all was. Under the weight of the toxic memories, beneath all of the ugly places that I hid from and had long-since buried, that is where I found it.

There was beauty there.

I found immense strength and courage in my healing and was finally able to move forward. In the end, I discovered who God created me to be, and not in spite of my experiences, but because of them.

Through my healing I have developed new perspectives on old scars, and I have a clearer understanding of the significance behind my once-crippling experiences.

I never dreamed that any type of good could develop from experiencing undeserved childhood trauma, or from the dysfunction that develops being the child and sister of an addict, or from my own long (long) list of mistakes and destructive life choices.

There is so much Beauty in what God can do with a desperate cry for help, even from a person like me. I was only seeking freedom from a life of unfortunate circumstances, unbearable pain, self-destruction, and hopelessness. I got my freedom and then some.

So what will you see here?

Straightforward & honest writing.

Topics all relating to my experiences being raised by a person who is an addict, trauma & after effects, and how those experiences shaped my personality. Also, stories relating to my personal struggles with drug addiction, and alcohol abuse.

So please take a look around and get comfy, because much like self-revelation, Discovering Beautiful is a continuous thing. I can’t even tell you how excited to be able to encourage you as we navigate this sober life, and I need you to know that you are not alone in this thing.

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