Do you wonder where you will find the strength to change?
Have you ever questioned whether or not you can live a sober life?
Do you feel like you there is no way to heal from trauma?
Is it a struggle to see past your own mistakes?
Has courage been something that you lack?
Is codependency or enabling draining you?
Do you just want to feel content or peace?
Are you a single parent?
Have you been affected by mental illness?
Are you a teen mom?
Has your family been affected by drug addiction?
Does a new beginning sound too good to be true for you?
Have you allowed yourself to be defined by your circumstances?

These are all things that I have struggled with. 

On the Discovering Beautiful Blog you will find posts about all of those things and more:

*My ‘real-life’ Recovery issues, struggles, and victories.
*My thoughts and feelings about my own codependency struggles
(dealing with a mother who is an addict and a brother who struggles with alcoholism)
*Occasional stories about my children, motherhood, marriage, and my personal life.
*Prevention education, information, and facts.
*Honest, open sharing about my own journey.

Do you want to learn more about me?

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