1. To find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.

Childhood Trauma changed things for me.

My experiences shattered everything that was supposed to be mine to own; my spirit, my emotional wellness, my own sense of security, and any ability or desire to connect with myself or other people. Instead of using my experiences to propel forward or to rise above, I got stuck living as a victim.

After years of hiding and escaping as a child, I developed an addiction self-destruction. Drugs became my new way of escaping.

Sobriety has offered me a second chance to get acquainted with myself apart from my pain. I have chosen to take a new path.

I never expected to find anything worth keeping within the cracks of my story, but after spending ten years in recovery digging around in my past I have realized something very important that I want to share here with you:

Hidden deep inside my baggage, under the weight of the toxic memories, and beneath all of the ugly places that I hid from and had long-since buried, there are valuable lessons, there is beauty, and I have found purpose. I have left the old ideas of who I am behind me, and have embraced who God created me to be; not in spite of my experiences, but because of them.

It takes courage to own our stories and to share our vulnerabilities, experiences, and mistakes. I have found that not only will you experience freedom by doing so, you become a part of an incredible community of people who are paving the way for more of us to come out of hiding.

By speaking up and reaching out, we find strength, courage, and support in one another.





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