The Places We’ll Go.

So who bought a cheap map of The United States of America and tacked it up in her living room?
I did! I did!
I am excited about it too.
A few weeks ago I was up way too late scrolling through Pinterest -and boom.
This pin caught my eye. I loved it! What a cool idea…
First of all I love photos almost (but not quite) as much as I love actual experiences.

I have folders full of files like everyone else, but I need to touch photos and write on the back of them and hoard them in old books.

I try to print as many as I can.
Yes, I have fallen behind on my boy’s individual albums but I do a great job at printing photos off.

When they will actually touch down and arrive in their permanent homes is anyone’s guess, but I plan on spending downtime in my mid-life ironing out my scrap-booking issues more fully.

This project was something that could be done quickly and minimal expense.
I knew it was totally do-able.

So I Amazon primed the map and ordered a few photos to get started.
It has only been a week or so since I hung it up. I have to figure out a cute way to frame it.
Maybe a burlap border with lace overlay or something…not sure about that yet.

All of the boys like it. It has already opened their eyes to how much is out there to see. We have also had some fun conversations rehashing old memories from our trips.
There are so many places that we want to see, so many places that we haven’t been and we have a ton of ideas for future road trips.
Overall it has been a neat thing to have hanging up.

So it gets a thumbs up from them.
(which is funny, because it is *one pinterest project that they think is legit cool).

Of course you cannot leave here until I get all deep
and squeeze a little bit of sobriety into this post.

Much of my personal self-careish moments throughout the day are simple ones that I am easy able to integrate into a hectic or unpredictable mommy schedule.

They are clustery kinds of tiny moments dedicated to reflection.
For me this isn’t anything fancy schmancy.

It really just means I take time to breathe deep.
Often I will just smile to myself.
Other times I silently thank God for seemingly mundane things, even if that means I am grateful for the not so pretty, or quiet, or clean parts of my day.

So of course I have noticed several impromptu moments inspired by this pinteresty travel map.

I glance at it throughout the day, I can see all of our smiling faces.
It makes my heart happy.
I remember those fun times and particular memories stick out.

I can’t wait to see more places & new things with my people.
The goal is to travel to as many states as possible- to make memories that I will remember forever, but most importantly, I am excited to fill the hearts of our boys with good, positive, healthy, things and for them to experience different things. It will all just end up being tiny parts of the ‘who’ that they become and a small slice of who God created them to be.

What a very cool thing.


  1. Brittany

    Thanks for reading, Greg. 🙂

  2. Greg

    Great post Brittany. Thanks, Greg

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