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Sobriety: One Size Fits Most?

I just read an article written by a clinical psychologist named Gerald Shulman, who has been in the addiction field, in some capacity, for over 50 years delivering and supervising treatment. Here is an excerpt from his article in Addiction Professional Magazine It’s not 1960 anymore; A more balanced model is needed to optimize recovery potential today. …

Spiritual Death.

Becoming dependent on a substance takes time. No matter what your substance of choice is, I bet we can all agree that the ultimate result of addiction is death- but before that, there is this place where we live. It is the last stop before physical death: Spiritual death. This is a place where nothing …

A glimpse of —her.

This is a picture of my mother and I. This short visit happened on April 13, 2013. It has taken a lot of learning to trust in God’s word and personal growth on my part to be able to say that I am truly grateful for her, and genuinely happy that she has thought about …

Drug-Alcohol Prevention is Important.

Here are a few links: http://kidshealth.org/parent/positive/talk/talk_about_drugs.html http://www.drugfree.org/prevent http://www.dare.com/parents/Parents_Tips/Story2d13.asp http://www.childrennow.org/index.php/learn/twk_drugs http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/parenting_challenges/talking-with-your-kids-about-drugs-and-alcohol.aspx

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