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Husband thoughts part 1- The Realization

My husband’s journey through my addiction and recovery. It breaks my heart to go back and think about all that I put him through, but living this life in the now, we can both see just how much this experience bonded us and our hearts together in such a spectacular way, that if we can …

Husband Q & A

Relationships.  Let’s say you are a couple. You love each other and value one another. One of you ends up with an addiction and becomes dependent on a substance. It tears them apart and dismantles who they once were. That person that you fell in love with  is gone. All you are left with is …

Addiction Recovery- Things that have helped me -1

Out of the countless tools and newly acquired skills that I have learned in the past seven years, one of the most important concepts that I had to accept is what I am going to talk about today. It sounds very simple, here it is: It is not my job to fix your problems.

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