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Trauma, Intimacy, & Sobriety

My sobriety. It is where healing in more than one area of my life began. Because of it, I have found the courage to uncover dark, buried, forgotten, and unknown hurt that ultimately lead to my drug problem, and eventual addiction. But if you were to pour over the 200+ posts of mine here, you …

Husband thoughts part 1- The Realization

My husband’s journey through my addiction and recovery. It breaks my heart to go back and think about all that I put him through, but living this life in the now, we can both see just how much this experience bonded us and our hearts together in such a spectacular way, that if we can …

Husband Q & A

Relationships.  Let’s say you are a couple. You love each other and value one another. One of you ends up with an addiction and becomes dependent on a substance. It tears them apart and dismantles who they once were. That person that you fell in love with  is gone. All you are left with is …

Addiction Recovery- Things that have helped me -1

Out of the countless tools and newly acquired skills that I have learned in the past seven years, one of the most important concepts that I had to accept is what I am going to talk about today. It sounds very simple, here it is: It is not my job to fix your problems.

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