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16 Paradoxical Truths of Life, Faith, and Recovery

Absurd and practical paradoxical truths. They’re everywhere. I am a person who can very easily become distracted and obsessed over all things linear, logical, balanced, and simplified. I am also someone whose recovery has benefited most from these seemingly contradictory nuggets of wisdom. How’s that for paradoxical? My growth happens inside of the unknown, in the midst …

My thoughts today.

My thoughts today.

The therapeutic process is a journey. It is a process of self-discovery. Individual and group therapy sessions help us to come to our own personal realizations. It is therapeutic, self-actualization. We participate in this process and little by little- we begin to get to know ourselves. We grow. We reveal things to ourselves as we …

Happy New Year! 2014

  We all want to improve or change something in our lives and this time of year gives us a great starting point and although the large majority of people will not actually follow through on their new year’s resolutions, it is still a perfect time to take a step back to reflect on our …

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