Recovery Misconceptions


Many come into Recovery looking for a break. 

Let’s face it.
If we have sought help and are considering a major life change, chances are, we are tired.

We can’t kid ourselves, though.
There aren’t any Recovery programs out there that I know of that are readily handing out free passes to new miracle lifestyles or quick-fixes for your addiction.
(aside from Passages Malibu, they have a cure…)

It doesn’t matter if you go to a resort style Rehab that offers an in-house gym, acupuncture, yoga, and tanning- or if you go through the shock treatment provided in your local prison…there is much work and renovation to be done in your emotional and spiritual world.

There really is no break.

What there is, is Hope.
What there is, is a sense of relief.

The miracle is that because of God’s Grace, we have the OPPORTUNITY to choose Recovery.
After we decide that we are ready to accept this gift, this is when the hard works begins.

We are now choosing to put our effort into learning to live well.
We have to understand that it is going to be the toughest thing we have ever attempted to conquer.
The relief comes from believing that it gets better.
As each day passes and with the more that we learn, it gets easier.

It does get better and If I can do it, you certainly can too!

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