*It is progressive, it has gotten worse and you are utilizing it more and more as time goes by.
*It seems to be gaining strength and power over time.
*Maybe it began as an emotional or psychological (or egotistical) crutch.
*It may have been passed down previous generations and now it’s yours.
*Unless there is an intervention it will probably continue to spread.
*It has tainted the way that you see the world.
*It is starting to feel like everyone seems to thinks that you have a problem, except for you.
*It is consuming your thoughts and how you see people around you.
*It has changed every area of your life.
*You have a tough time getting along with most people.
*You feel defensive and angry if someone brings this issue to your attention.
*It feels like it has been ingrained in your personality, as if it is simply ‘who you are.’
*You continue living this way despite it negatively affecting your interpersonal relationships.
*You need more and more to assert your desired level for a feeling of control or power or security.
*Lastly, you continue despite having heard the facts, other people’s experiences, or other valuable information that could contribute to you making more informed, balanced, accurate, ethical, humane, healthy decisions.

The trail of damage that racism causes within families and throughout communities, has lasting effects on everyone, especially, the marginalized humans who are our brothers and sisters.

If you or someone who you know is suffering from the debilitating, suffocating, grip of racism please reach out. The first step to changing your current situation is admitting that you have a problem within your current one. You can be the one to change the trajectory of your family, for generations.

Tell me how you're feeling.

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