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A few months back I was having a tough week with the judgy stuff; feeling it laid on pretty thick at the time. Ironically, I also had Facebook friends who were posting about feeling it as well. We were simply feeling ostracized for one reason or another.
I felt compelled to write a post about it that week.
You can read it here if you’d like:

Like most mom’s, I have experienced my fair share of  pressure and judging eyes of other mommies.
I especially felt this as a young mom of my first boy, and still feel occasional snarkiness now as a 31-year-old mom of three.
(I am not sure it has subsided or lessened as much as I have just learned better ways to disregard the judgy tendencies of other women..)

But in the spirit of staying true to my personality, I will be brutally honest here.

I am absolutely guilty of being that mommy. The one who smiles politely at you while simultaneously picking apart your mommy choices in my head, examining the deets of your child’s finger nail length or crusty lunch face….

Here’s the thing.
As I have gotten older I have noticed something.
Whether we home-birth, have c-sections, use cloth diapers, or disposable. bottle feed or breast feed, wear our babies or push them… we are all unique, powerful, beautiful women who are doing the best that we can.

The truth is, we all leave the house with mismatched socks or dirty faces sometimes.
Sometimes the super-hero costume (my son does this) that is 3 sizes too small…
Is the perrrrfect outfit to go out to run errands in.

Today I am officially pledging to make a #Mommitment.
Not just agreeing with the idea. Not just getting momentarily excited.
I am seriously committing.

I vow to be more empathetic.
I am making a conscious effort to be more appreciative of our differences instead of seeking out fault like there is some reward for it.

I am simply going to be dedicated to playing a part
in the movement to end mom wars. 

It’s time. 

If you want to take a step toward ending mom wars,
you can click the link below, sign the petition, and make your own personal mommitment too:


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