Guest: Mike Palombi- Sober Author & Speaker


Michael’s story goes to prove that God is still in the business of redemption, healing, and miracles. Mac Powell, Third Day

Mike contacted me via Twitter, and I took some time to check out his story.

I am so happy that I did! I love to hear different stories of how God works in the lives of different people, weaving this beautiful narrative that only He could have pieced together.

Sometimes, we give up on people or we consider them to be lost causes.
We often give up on ourselves, and feel like there is simply no way out of the mess that we have created.

I encourage you to learn more about Mike and his story, I know that it will inspire you to keep going through whatever you might be struggling with, by offering you hope.

Here is a little bit from his website: 

“Mike Palombi’s message of hope is encouraging, inspiring, and a welcomed antidote for those struggling with the condition of hopelessness. His message is delivered powerfully, simply, and not without answers to some of life’s most troubling circumstances.”

“Whether you are an inmate, an addict, a housewife, or a church pastor, Mike’s message crosses multi-cultural boundaries and respectfully challenges every man and woman, young and old, to re-evaluate their own lives and choose how they will live.”

If you would like to learn more about Mike and his story of redemption, click here.
It truly is never too late to allow God to change your whole life. 


  1. Brittany

    I appreciate you sharing here, Mike. I am always open to stories of Hope- people need to see that it is real. Always a spot here for your writing, anytime.


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