Your Recovery, and Mine.

I do my best to support all types of people.
I interact with people all of the time from all different religions, who have various beliefs, opposing view- points and people with morals that don’t align with mine, and people who I sometimes struggle to identify with.

I have talked with people who struggle with process addiction, chemical addiction, single mothers, gay people, black people, white people, people who don’t believe in God at all, etc.

We’re all just people, trying to figure out this thing called life.
At the end of the day we are human beings worthy of love.
Everyone deserves to live and experience what being healthy & happy feels like.

Something that I have noticed on social media is that too often,

people who choose to do recovery without God as a part of their program,
tend to assume that people who are Christians in Recovery are working an easier, or less relevant program.

And then, people who personally love God, who attribute their success and sobriety to Him,
seem to have a really hard time being nice to people who have higher powers that go unnamed, or are unconventional.

**First of all, as people who are living sober lives, the most important thing that we can do is to support each other. We are on the same team.
The details really aren’t our business.

**Also we’re alive.
I made it out,
you made it out, so let’s not argue about the logistics.

I learned the same things in school that any other Chemical dependency counselor learns, even at a Christian college.

I studied about the psychology of the brain, and the traits that essentially make up our person, the personality that identifies us and is the sum of what makes us unique humans.

Not really sure how my loving Jesus impacts my ability to learn and use the benefits of what we know about modern science and how that correlates to the addictive personality….

As far as my being a Christian in recovery, to even insinuate that somehow I am not “in recovery”  or am not working a real program, or whatever else, is ridiculous.

People quote Buddha, Bill W, and Dali Lama all of the time and that’s acceptable-
but quoting Jesus is not ‘acceptable’?

I really can’t (and won’t) change my personal experience.
Sharing my personal experience means you might have to hear about God.

There is no excuse for being hateful.
I know of not one recovery program that follows any principle that promotes hate, condones the judging of other programs, or appoints specific members to act as official recovery police. 

You can disagree with a belief or a choice and still choose to be kind and ETHICAL.


I cannot and will not change for each person that I meet or interact with.
If you cannot be nice that’s really your problem and I think speaks more about your program than anything.

I am not concerned with pleasing every single ‘seeker’ that I run into but I will not automatically categorize a person based off of their spiritual beliefs either. It is not my job to take away God’s title….. as ultimate judge and all-powerful Life-transformer.

I  think I am okay with letting him do his job, and asking him to give me the courage daily to go out into the world-
to share my most intimate and horrifying screw ups and self-revelations with strangers on the internet.

So you go ahead and rock your sobriety and your recovery your way,
the way that works for you.

I am going to continue to share what worked for me, what changed my life, and what I have absorbed through education.



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