Husband Thoughts part 5- Is Recovery forever?

My husband has been a trooper.
He picked me up so many times after I had fallen-yet again.

My ‘falling’ doesn’t necessarily mean that I relapsed.
I lapsed a few times, he helped pick me up (he was mad, but he picked me up)

I have gone through sicknesses related to this disease, memory issues that continue, lots of fog, early on mood changes and lots and lots of discovering, properly handling and learning to regulate emotion.

He has always been behind me-
making sure that I was honest and holding me accountable for working my recovery.

He didn’t let me slack and he pushed when I didn’t have the drive to push.
he wouldn’t let me back down or quit, and didn’t ever feel sorry for me when I was feeling sorry for myself.

So..recovery –is it forever?
I believe it is.

My husband understands that Recovery is not unlike any other process that we have to keep healthy. It needs to be an area where I stay on top of my game and continue putting effort in and learning about.

I know that no matter what, he will always be my cheerleader- except now,  he knows that I am alert, aware, willing and in a healthy place and can be there for him now as well.
He showed me what for better or worse, actually means in real –day to day life.


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