Heard Around the House.


I am a mom to three boys.
I have moments where I cannot believe I am hearing or saying certain things.
I have decided to start documenting some of it for my own benefit, but thought maybe someone else may be able to relate too.
I totally wish I had started this compilation years ago:

“If I ever get fired from the WWE I will just go work at Arby’s.
Then I can say Arby’s, we have the meats!” (G)

“Always remember to take your glasses off *before* you let the baby step on your face!” (Me)

“Disqualification! DQ, DQ! You cannot grab my man-boobs!!” (G)

“You can’t potty on your brother’s bath toys!” (me)

“Mom. Did you know I can easily put the baby in a half-nelson?” (G)

“We don’t say balls at the dinner table!” (me)

“Well I couldn’t eat breakfast, mom. I was really busy doing my hair.” (B)

“Dude. Did you see how far M just threw that banana?” (B)

“Did you take out the dog?” -“No, I forgot, I was dancing.” (B)

(Me) “Where’d the baby go?”
“He’s right over here sticking his finger in my belly button; he thinks there’s a Cheerio in there.”

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