Embracing You.



As I grow as a woman I have learned why it is important to maintain a balance between who I am, who I am not, and what my personal goals are.
I try to just embrace who I am right now and she is pretty okay.

Life for me has become more about why I am here
rather than how I look while I am here,
or who I am not while I am here.

I think that finally figuring out why I am here on this earth
has helped me feel super comfy about who I am.
I have realized that rather than fighting myself to be someone who I am not,  and may not ever be, I am just going to love and accept who I am.

Over the last decade I have definitely eliminated a long list of things I am not here to do.
Things that are not my why or things that I was not put here to do.
(Mostly because I have spent a lot of time meandering about, living an aimless life.)

Here are some things that I have learned along the way: 

*I am not a people pleaser and If I am, I am a really bad one. It only makes you tired anyway.
*Looking to someone else for self-identity, significance, or approval will always put you on the wrong path every single time.
*I drifted further away from my true self using other people’s opinions of who I should be.
*Quirky and unique qualities are actually really cool, which is opposite of what cool people think.
*There are no such things as cool people, there are just people.
*Setting limits is a necessary part of wellness.
*Knowing our own limits is another big part of wellness.
*People appreciate authenticity and people who don’t are usually struggling with their own.
*Grief is personal, and as long as you are grieving healthily, you have the right to go at your own pace. Cry when you want, remember when you want and take your time.
*It’s not always easy doing the right thing, in any situation. Do it anyway.
*Life is bumpy at best, but not just for me, for everyone.
*Shame is something that will hold you back and keep you down. Stay away from people who like to remind you of your past, or who refuse to embrace you presently, as you are. Bye.
*If we say yes all of the time to everything, we aren’t really living our own lives, or using our gifts and talents what we are actually supposed to be doing. Think before you nod your head yes to everything.
*Sometimes other women (or people in general) can be hard to get along with some days. Sometimes it’s them, sometimes it’s you. Don’t take it personally. Let it go quickly, and move on.
*Love the people who love you, and love the ones who don’t. Most of the time you can find friends in people who you least expected.
*Last, no matter how you are doing it someone will want to tell you that you are doing it wrong.
Don’t let yourself forget all of the support that you do have, and all of the lovely people who are in your corner, because they are who matter anyway.

This is just a short list of some of the main things that have really helped me continue to move forward on this journey of sobriety and health & wellness.



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