Chipping Away at Bitchdom.


So a few days ago we were at the park.

I looked over my shoulder when I heard a family approaching. One mama and five energetic kiddos.
The smallest girl, who couldn’t have been older than 7 years old, was dragging an infant around the park. Guessing baby was around 6 months old.

I watched as this petite little girl climbed up the slide, down the slide, up the stairs, then down the slide, I watched her run back and forth from the swings and back to the slide -with this baby in her arms.

One-handed baby holding…. like a boss.

So of course, holding my own baby at the time-

I am cringing hard with a case of well intentioned ‘what-ifs’.
I’m totally feeling sketchy and a tiny bit helicoptery (mixed with some nausea).

My reaction:
I needed (needed) to look for the mom.
I had to shoot her the ‘omg what is wrong with you’ look-
She needed to know that I was concerned.

But instead I stopped.
I intentionally stopped my bitchdom before it got out of hand.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I made a personal commitment to be a person who doesn’t jump the gun, judging another mother for any reason.

I reminded myself that I am committed to be nice to other moms.

Moms who I don’t know, moms who I am different from, and moms who I can love on anyway, regardless.

I chose to confidently believe in that other mom and her choices.
-and move on.
Her baby, her choices…
and frankly, they are none of my business.

So I found mom’s eyes, and I made a point to make eye contact.
and then I smiled.

That’s it.

In case you are wondering, the baby lived through the ordeal.  😉

This process is going to be like all other life lessons that I have experienced.
It is going to take time to reteach myself.
It is going to be different, but to be perfectly honest, it just feels better.

It feels good to be less judgy and catty.
I don’t want to be a woman who makes another woman feel ashamed or less than. I just don’t.

So, this is just me trying to plug this mommitment thing into my daily life.
I like it.

Thank you mom-movement.

If you are interested in learning how you too, can become part of this awesome group of women who are #Mommitted – here are the links. It is free. Simple. Easy-peasy. (and worth it).


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