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Beach House Center For Recovery-Healing

So what I say here isn’t earth shattering- it really isn’t.
It is just a simplified version of my truth.
A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it can be to let go, and allow love in.
To learn how to love ourselves, to accept love from others, and to express love in various ways- didn’t come naturally to me.

Love has ignited all of the healing that I have experienced in recovery.

Daniel Maurer’s, Transformation is Real

Transformation IS Real, and Daniel Maurer’s website is definitely an amazing place, packed full of all different kinds of life transformations to check out.

Take some time to check out his TIR Tat Tale’s section and read the empowering stories behind the skin art. I am excited to have been able to share the inspiration behind my recovery ink, alongside of other amazing recovery warriors.

Our Young Addicts







I am excited to share this one with you guys. I am honored to share anything on this site, The message and mission there is inspiring and encouraging.

I am becoming more and more comfortable about talking about my experience with being a mommy/parent who struggled with drugs and alcohol. This topic specifically is one that really hits me hard and has taken me quite some time to heal from and to forgive myself for. But when healing happens, transformation happens, and for me, that means that I will feel more comfortable sharing about it. Shame is a powerful constraint, and in this piece I share how things tend to come full circle when we embrace the gift of sobriety.

Thank you for readingyou can find the blog post, Sobriety Gifts, here.

Recovery Experts


This is a very well researched article on
There are many Recovery experts & advocates who had the opportunity to contribute to this article,
and I was honored to be one of them. Here is an excerpt:

“The Drug War has lasted for decades and accomplished little. Thousands of individuals get hooked onmultiple abusive substances every day, and many wind up in prison for nonviolent crimes. Worse yet, the black market for illegal substances is gigantic and thriving. Many in the US today are wondering whether or not there is another way to end addiction.Today, a growing number of advocates and concerned citizens have raised their voices.”

Please take the time to read through this piece in its entirety, here:

Substance For You


Here is a post that I wrote for
This site has tons of resources for people in Recovery.
Be sure to check it out.

Here’s the link to my post:


New Roads Behavioral Health


I was stoked to have the opportunity to be interviewed by New Roads.
These chances to recover out loud are priceless.

Here is a link to the interview:

If you would like to learn more about New Roads Behavioral Health, click here:

Dropping Keys

I shared a little bit about my ‘why’ here on Dropping Keys.
This site was a surprise to me. After looking around, I really liked its purpose.
It is a wonderful place to share stories of ALL kinds.

“Dropping Keys is a community built on the belief that we all have not just the capacity, but the responsibility to help others on their journey. Sharing our own stories represents a milestone in our road to recovery, wholeness, or on our spiritual journey. It signifies that we have made progress and hold wisdom that can help others. We share to inspire others and to reassure ourselves that we have, in fact, experienced personal growth.”

Here’s mine:

Learn More about this site:

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