Closet Bloggers: 3 Reasons to Click ‘Publish’


In 2011, I began by blogging for therapy. Over time, after I did some growing and healing,
I thought that it might be cool if God could use me in any way possible to help just ONE person.
Just ONE I told myself.
Then.. I would feel like I had done some good.

Somehow, sharing my innermost thoughts and my colossal screw-ups, could help someone else. Right?
Over the past 5 years, I have shared THE most embarrassing, mortifying, shameful, details of my life with complete strangers on the internet.

Surprisingly, I have received a lot of positive feedback.

I have never really felt pressure on what to share, what not to share, if I am wrong, offensive, too safe or not, politically correct, or correct at all.

I simply share my thoughts, my feelings, my heart, sometimes my accomplishments, but mostly random things that I am feeling led to share.
Sometimes it isn’t that deep, sometimes I just need to vent.

Either way, this type of creative freedom feels great.

It’s actually freeing.

Lately, I have read posts written by people who are apprehensive to post their thoughts on their blog.
They have a desire to write, they write, but they never post it.

They want to. They debate about it. But…

for one reason or another, clicking that publish button creates internal conflict and anxiety for some of these nice, talented, passionate people.

I cannot imagine what this must feel like.

Torture, really. Torture.

Think about it.
Not doing something because of the fear that comes over you.
Not doing it because of what other people may think.

Creatively, this is the worst kind of constrictive box that we put ourselves in.

(Apparently, I have spent the last 5 years off in my own little blogging bubble, throwing my intimate thoughts to the wolves without a second thought.)

It really could sort of drive you mad thinking about what the thousands of other people out there who blog are thinking about your posts, especially those who are experts or experienced in your particular niche…

IF you thought about it. (or over-thought about it)

If critics were going to stop me from sharing, I would have deleted this domain years ago.

….I am sure it would be different if I blogged to competitively (does that even exist?) or for money,
or maybe if it was a source of income for my family.

….Maybe if I had an official job title at some huge corporation. Maybe if living in a self-made psychological prison sounded good to me…but it doesn’t.

This is my bubble. My domain. My ‘safe’ place.
I share what I share, and that is the beauty of the internet.

You can click that red X in the right hand corner if you don’t like, enjoy, or gain anything from what you are looking at.

I have found that if you post genuine, original, honest content— people will find their way.
People will come back.

If I can do it, then so can you.

Here are a 3 things to remind yourself of if you are one of the talented, passionate, but apprehensive closet bloggers: 

1. No two blogs are the same. 
We have the freedom to share what we want, how we want- and we can rest assure that no one else will have the same exact opinion, approach, or delivery.
This is the very thing that makes our blog ‘ours’.

2. Not everyone needs to like your blog posts. (and that’s okay!) 
So being nervous or apprehensive is understandable, but certainly shouldn’t hold you back!
If we didn’t have something different or controversial (to some) contribute to this massive online melting pot, then what would be the point at all?
You will have a ton of people who love your writing style, your opinions, and your voice.
You will have the people who don’t necessarily agree with everything that you say, but who respect you as a fellow blogger.
Then of course, there will be others who tend to actually enjoy putting you down. You are probably not the only one.

3. It’s really a you thing, not a them thing. 
Blog for you. Blog to share your heart, your creative flow, share what you think is cool.
Writing can most definitely deflate a stressed filled week, but publishing freely is empowering. It will help you build confidence in yourself. You have a unique voice. You have something to say. You never know if your particular view is going to help someone else!
If you have a passion to share your thoughts, do it. Own it people!

SO if you are reading this….

If you are one of those people who are terrified for one reason or another to post your thoughts publicly, online…

I encourage you to give yourself permission to value your own passion!
If you truly feel the urge and need to share your thoughts, share them!
Jump in.
Take the plunge.

The internet just might surprise you. 🙂 

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