Healing Our Voids.

C.S Lewis describes lust, as he does every other topic:
His description is not only beautiful- it is complete, intricate, complex and yet somehow he makes it simple.

I have no idea how his heart and mind were so able to mesh concepts in such a way –
but he was so gifted and insightful.

He talks about desires of the flesh and states that as humans when dealing with any ‘pleasure’ that we healthily or unhealthily indulge in-
if we have yet to fill our hearts with Jesus we will eventually find ourselves in this predicament:

“With an ever-increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure.”

This phrase hits it right on the head for me. Yes it describes my personal experience with substance abuse, but long before I ended up struggling with addiction, I was searching.
I really had spent the majority of my life searching for something that would satisfy my craving for loyalty, peace, consistency, someone to love, and a need to let myself accept love.

So maybe, I searched in a bottle for whatever ‘that’ is.
Other people might look in needles, pill bottles, bars, relationships, shopping malls, or casinos trying desperately to fill that void.

That void represents a broken place that we are trying to fix the wrong way.
We are seeking anything that lessens the pain or that gives us the illusion of happiness, even if we know it won’t last.

But as C.S. Lewis said, each time we use these things to fill that gap, it loses some of its luster. Over time it doesn’t do its job anymore and we either try to find more or move on to something more powerful or that takes up more space.

We are all really on a journey of personal experiences and there will come a time that we all have face the hard things. Some of us might be able to elude this for a larger span of time, but eventually, we will all find a place to land.

What I think we are really searching for is a place where we can are safe to feel freedom, to find peace, comfort, and a true sense of self.


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