What do you stand for?


Think of something…anything that you are a firm believer in-
that at some point or another you have had to take a stand for.
This something is so important to you, and you want to be a voice for the cause.

It is no secret that when It comes to underage drinking, binge drinking, recreational drug use or drug abuse–
I have a zero tolerance standard. Each of these hold the very real, possible and probable cards to ruin lives and create trouble for present and succeeding generations.
I have made a personal promise to myself to take a stand, and not to back down as a parent.
Even if that means I am not the cool parent. In the 2016 world of parenting, I can assure you parents who take a stand for things can feel like they are in the minority. I have officially fallen under the category of that parent; the one who is strict.
I am not a police officer (although I have thought about it!)
and I don’t think God assigned me to conviction duty……..

I am not under the false impression that just because I come from a l-o-n-g line of addicts and should not even take a chance- that no one else should either.

But I am all for taking a stand for something that you believe in.

I chose to commit to taking a stand to help educate parents about the dangers and effects of underage drinking and drug use.

(It tears up their body, changes their brain and makes it even more likely that they might be fighting a ferocious battle with addiction someday).

I chose to commit to taking a stand to help those who struggle with addiction, by showing them that there is hope, there is help, and there are people who want to love on them.

Take a stand for something that you believe in.
Don’t be afraid to stand up and be an advocate for a cause near and dear to you.


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