Dear 20 -Year- Old Self:


To commemorate my 30th birthday,
I jotted down 30 things I would have liked to have known when I was 20

Girl, you are not fat.
People won’t change by force- only with true desire to change
Don’t take a job that will rob you of your dignity –no matter how broke you are
God hears late night cries, he really-really does
Don’t keep tallies of your mistakes-tomorrow you can start over
You can break the generational cycles-you are not stuck anywhere
Don’t drink and drive, even if it is only three blocks
Credit does matter, pay your bills on time
Go to college right now-it is not as hard as you think it will be
Don’t be afraid to take chances-but always think things through
Stand for what you believe in
Listen to the stories that your grandparents tell you
Always keep your word and your promises-
Forgive others-don’t hold people to ridiculous standards
Listen more, talk less
Don’t settle
You are good enough to go to church
The rumors that your children grow up fast, are true
Be yourself all of the time-embrace your uniqueness
Internal beauty is more important than external
Physical beauty is unique to each woman
You can be anything that you want to be
Smile more
Always take the time to help someone who needs it
Intuition or that small voice is a real thing
You are not the center of the universe
Feel your feelings!
The focus you put on your past- all hinges on the attitude you have toward it
Don’t judge other people- cars and clothes don’t make a person
Remind yourself of all of the things you are good at-don’t be so hard on yourself

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