What If.



When we feel accepted, embraced, and loved, regardless of our imperfections-
we feel more secure by default.
We feel welcome.

When we feel like we aren’t being judged, we tend to feel a little bit more comfortable too.
We learn that it’s okay to embrace and love the absolute  -ishh out of ourselves.

These are all just common side-effect for any human who feels like they truly belong somewhere.

…And shouldn’t all mom’s feel like they belong?

This is what making a #Mommitment is all about, really.
It is simply deciding that all moms belong.
*Not just some moms.
*Not we love certain like-minded moms, and tirelessly ostracize the others.
*Not we laugh with these moms we like, while we laugh at those moms together.
*Not we help everyone, except the moms who are doing the mom thing differently that we are.

Or maybe it’s deciding that there isn’t really a
 there to belong to in the first place.
We all just…. belong.

Maybe it’s us choosing to abandon this exclusive ‘only women who do things like I do are deserving of my love and respect’ mentality behind.

Momming is hard work.
We are all going day-to-day, one day at a time.
Our circumstances are all vastly different.
We live in different countries, climates, and cultures.

-What if we didn’t actually feel the stares, hear the gossip, or witness the judging snarly stuff?
-What if we simply decided that we weren’t partaking any more?
Not one dirty look.
Not one confused, judgy stare.
Not one piece of gossip repeated.

-What if we joined forces; smashing together all of the knowledge, love, warmth, humor, and awesomeness that a woman brings to the table- and we just supported one another?

-What if we were kind, and respectful of other lady humans?

-What if we all decided that enough is …enough?

-What if we all made a #Mommitment ?

A mommy revolution would happen friends.
Change would happen.

It has already begun. 🙂
Come and be a part of this!

Check out this petition.
Or you can follow #Mommitment on the Twitter, or on Facebook.


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